Positive Input Ventilation

Are you looking for an alternative to continuous mechanical ventilation systems?

If you are, then consider trying out Positive Input Ventilation technology. 

Positive Input Ventilation

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is an alternative approach to the more common continuous mechanical ventilation systems. Invented by Nuaire and installed in thousands of dwellings each year, PIV can be a more cost-effective ventilation solution. The PIV technology creates a healthy living environment and improves the air quality by removing pollutants. For more details on Positive Input Ventilation or PIV technology, get in touch with Coastal Ventilation Ltd. We cater to customers in Brighton and Guildford. 
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Advantages of PIV: 

  • Creates a healthy living environment
  • Moisture and condensation is driven out
  • No need to open windows for fresh air
  • A low power ventilation solution
PIV technology

PIV technology

PIV technology significantly improves indoor air quality by removing indoor air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and keeping out external pollutants such as traffic fumes and pollen. It forces the stale air out, by gently pressurising the home from the inside out. 
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For more details on PIV technology in Brighton and Guildford, contact Coastal Ventilation Ltd on 01273 595 163

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