Commercial Heat Recovery

Industrial ventilation solutions in Brighton and Southampton

 Industrial ventilation systems are necessary for healthy working conditions in your workplace. For industrial ventilation solutions in Brighton and Southampton, get in touch with Coastal Ventilation Ltd. 

Commercial heat recovery services in Brighton and Southampton

Heat recovery units filter fresh air into a building whilst extracting stale stagnant air from the interior. If you are looking for heat recovery units for a commercial building, get in touch with the team from Coastal Ventilation Ltd. We can supply and install commercial heat recovery units and ventilation systems across Brighton and Southampton. We can install a fresh air system at your office or commercial workplace which will work in conjunction with your existing heating and cooling system. This is designed to remove stale air and excess moisture from inside, whilst improving the circulation of air, thus giving you better quality air. 
PIV technology
Commercial heat recovery system

How it works: 

  • Delivers filtered fresh air
  • Removes the stale stagnant air
  • Cools the air
  • Recovers energy from stale outgoing air through cross flow plate heat exchanger
Energy-efficient heat recovery system

Energy-efficient heat recovery

The need for energy-efficient heat recovery is ever growing in the present environmental conditions. The rise in energy prices and further environmental commitments place an increasing burden on organisations as they seek to reduce energy consumption. Get in touch with us to discuss more details. 
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For commercial heat recovery services in Brighton and Southampton, contact Coastal Ventilation Ltd on 01273 595 163

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